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Consecutively voted the #1 hotel in Toronto by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, the Windsor Arms Hotel
is nestled on a quiet street ideally located in the heart of Toronto’s most fashionable shopping and
entertainment district. With its defining aura of warmth and discreet luxury, and its renowned exceptional
level of service, the Windsor Arms is truly Toronto’s most opulent yet inviting boutique hotel.

The Windsor Arms Hotel (Toronto, Canada) and George Friedmann proudly support the efforts of this impressive
team of young, intelligent individuals, unified by their remarkable care and concern for children in need. We
are inspired by their passion and by their demonstrated commitmennt to making a pround change in the lives
of others. The Oxford Red Dress Couture Ball is sure to be an astounding success, an evening entirely unlike any other.


SmashBox Studios


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“Children in underdeveloped countries desperately need our help. They are malnourished, lacking in
education and in dire need of medical services. HELP Malawi and Teach a Man to Fish provide these children
with hope that they might one day live a normal life. Smashbox is proud to support these charitable organizations
and this year’s Oxford Red Dress Couture Ball”
-Mikel Elliott, CEO Smashbox Studios




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“It is an honor to be involved with H.E.L.P. It was truly heartwarming to witness firsthand all the steps taken
by this incredible organization to ensure the safety and education for the children of Malawi, which they embark
upon with the utmost passion and care.”
-Fredrik Peterhoff/ MD70


JN Productions


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“Both personally and professionally, working alongside H.E.L.P has proved to be an enormously rewarding experience.
The dedication and the high quality of care and support which is offered by H.E.LP to children from Malawi is amazing
and rather humbling. Learning more about the various practical ways in which H.E.L.P enables these children to reach
their full potential, amid often very difficult circumstances, has been not only fascinating but also highly inspiring.”

-James Noel / JN Production




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MayLevy PR


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Ivan the Terrible Vodka


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Green Relief


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“The Oxford Red Dress Couture Ball is an incredible event in support of such a wonderful cause and Green Relief couldn’t be happier to part of it. We are so glad to lend our support in helping out such a difficult situation in Malawi and spreading awareness for HIV/AIDS.”




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Vitamin Water


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TxtJet.com proposes changing the lives of nearly 4 billion mobile users globally. Offering free mobile email access on any standard or smart phone via text message. We are proud and honored to be a part of the Oxford Red Ball, and are grateful that so many lives may be changed through such a powerful event.


Lalani & Co.


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Justin.tv is the easiest way to create live video and show anyone in the world what’s happening right now. Using only a laptop, you can share your event, class, party or thoughts, live, to anyone in over 250 countries while they chat in real-time with you and with other viewers. Justin.tv makes it fun, easy and fast to gather and engage with a live audience.

Live video can help you motivate a crowd to tell their friends what’s happening, follow you on Twitter, buy a product, donate to a cause or get up out of their chairs and take action. Justin.tv is built from the ground up to support any audience, whether it’s 5 people or 50,000. One new live video starts each second, and users watch more than 300 million videos every month. Headquartered in San Francisco, Justin.tv is funded by Alsop Louie Partners, Tim Draper and Y Combinator.




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Cesare Paciotti


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The Oxford Red Dress Couture Ball presents a unique opportunity to build brand awareness on a global scale within various high-end industries and within the community of the University of Oxford. Sponsors will benefit from promotional materials, extensive media coverage, name placement and much more. The Oxford Red Dress Couture Ball seeks to forge ongoing relationships with our sponsors and forge solid connections between all individuals involved in the event in respect to sponsorship, press, production and designer contribution.

Countless children around the world are at risk of contracting a number of devastating diseases such as HIV/AIDS. It is the mission of H.E.L.P. and Teach a Man to Fish to advocate for those who are left to fight this battle alone. A key element demonstrated in the developments accomplished by both of these organizations, is the vision of creating life for children, based on empowerment and sustainability. Your sponsorship donation would enable both charities to continue with their respective initiatives. These initiatives are designed to provide children, around the world, with the tools and the resources they need in order to lead productive and fulfilled lives.

To date in Malawi, H.E.L.P. has funded the construction of a primary school, health center and maternity ward, with the future goal to build a library, secondary school and have a fully operating hospital with main line power. Your support would have a significant impact in the lives of so many vulnerable children, who are in desperate need of these facilities. Furthermore, your generous contribution will restore the hope in the lives of children all over the world and provide them with the opportunities that they so rightfully deserve but are constantly neglected.

All proceeds from the event will go directly to the programs established by H.E.L.P. and Teach a Man To Fish.

For inquiries regarding sponsorship please contact: Sponsor@OxfordRedBall.com